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Integrating Nutritional Excellence into Orthodontic Care in Ft Collins

Crane & Seager Orthodontics, serving both the Ft Collins and Loveland communities in CO, is dedicated to providing advanced orthodontic solutions complemented by a holistic approach to patient care. Recognizing the pivotal role of nutrition in oral health, especially during orthodontic treatment, we celebrate National Nutrition Month by offering our insights into how a balanced diet can enhance the effectiveness of orthodontic care and contribute to the overall wellness of our patients.

Nutritional Foundations for a Successful Orthodontic Journey

The team at Crane & Seager Orthodontics emphasizes the importance of a nutrient-dense diet that supports the structural integrity of teeth and bones during orthodontic treatment. We guide our patients through the selection of foods enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, necessary for reinforcing tooth enamel and promoting bone health, ensuring a solid foundation for orthodontic appliances.

Customizing Your Diet for Orthodontic and Oral Health

Adapting dietary habits to accommodate orthodontic treatment is crucial for avoiding damage to appliances and ensuring a smooth treatment process. We offer personalized recommendations for food choices that not only safeguard orthodontic work but also add variety and nutrition to every meal. From identifying foods that pose risks to braces and aligners to suggesting safe and nutritious alternatives, Crane & Seager Orthodontics is committed to assisting our patients in making informed dietary decisions.

Hydration: A Key Ingredient in Orthodontic Health

Beyond nutrition, Crane & Seager Orthodontics highlights the critical importance of staying hydrated for oral and orthodontic health. Adequate water intake is essential for maintaining saliva flow, which naturally cleanses the mouth and helps protect against decay and gum disease. Our team provides practical advice on incorporating more water into your daily routine, enhancing both the comfort and effectiveness of orthodontic treatments.


At Crane & Seager Orthodontics, located in the heart of Ft Collins and extending our care to Loveland, CO, we believe in a comprehensive approach to orthodontic care that includes a strong focus on nutrition. By embracing our nutritional guidance, patients can not only achieve their desired orthodontic outcomes but also improve their overall health and well-being. As your trusted Ft Collins orthodontist, we are here to support you through every step of your orthodontic journey, ensuring that you emerge with a beautiful smile and a healthier lifestyle.